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U.S. leaders have recognized
Iraq as sovereign and pledged
to withdraw American troops if asked.
Accordingly, this petition seeks to end the
war by calling for a vote of the people most
affected by it: Iraqi citizens.

Over 70% of Iraqis oppose the presence of coalition troops. If you feel
that their voices deserve to be heard, please join Nobel Laureates,
Middle East scholars, national security experts, and thousands
of other concerned people by signing the petition below.

the undersigned, affirm that Iraq is a sovereign nation, and we respectfully call upon the Iraqi government to include, in its next national election,* a referendum item letting citizens vote on whether they want coalition troops to leave Iraq. We also call upon U.S. leaders to pledge that if a majority of voting Iraqis favor a troop withdrawal, U.S. forces will be withdrawn as specified in the referendum.

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*Currently scheduled for 2010